Rock in the River

As I think of January, the word “hustle” pops into my mind the fastest. A new year and new momentum to make new or better choices. It is a wonderful opportunity, but there is something about the hustle of this month that makes me pause and listen to a faint sound that I haven’t heard … More Rock in the River


Today is Sunday, and I am going to make this short and sweet. Here are two quotes from Brene Brown, a research┬áprofessor at the University of Houston and author, whom I have tremendous respect for. She has written books about embracing vulnerability and cutting the grip of shame. I have read her book Daring Greatly, … More Sunday

I Need a Break

I have learned that one of the side effects of perfectionism, at least for me, is stifling my real interests. I have done this in some manner since sometime in elementary school. Perhaps I was trying to fashion a type of bully-insulation because it is safer to blend in than to stand out. While I … More I Need a Break

Remembering Rational

As an adult, my irrational fears are not nightmares involving a boogyman but now center mainly around failure. It would take a long time to unpack just how the concept of failure has elevated in my mind to the same level as self-preservation. I know it is entirely irrational to consider failure a life or … More Remembering Rational