As I sit here this morning, I try and set my focus on the little things, things that I don’t usually take time to notice, I have to slow down, quiet the distractions and tune in.  Lately, my most reflective times are when I am feeding the baby.  These sessions are not always peaceful with twin three-year-olds running around.  Most often my first and prevailing thought when I sit down to feed the baby is “what can I get done without having to get up to do it?”  I am forced to remain stationary for an extended period of time and admittedly that is hard for me to do because I look around from my seat and note all of the things that need my attention.  Piles of mail to be sorted, toys and books scattered around the entire house, dishes that need washing, laundry to do, a meal to prepare, someone calling from the bathroom for help.  It can quickly feel like the walls are closing in!


Naturally, I strive to make double use of this feeding time to accomplish other things.  I think she notices that I am trying to do more than just feed and connect with her because she will stop turn her face toward mine and just gaze at me.  It melts my heart…and then… she smiles as if she is saying “Watch me, Mama!  I love spending time with you.”  This sucks me in and causes myphoto-oct-02-10-43-39-am mind to fast forward years from now (short years) to when she might not be saying this.  Her little gaze…something that I fail to notice sometimes, reminds me I need to stop and drink this up because moments like these are fleeting and exceptionally precious…and of course she is worth it!  She is worth all of my effort to show her that she is wonderful and good and totally worth someone’s undivided love and affection.  Right now that is my place, to be the one to notice her and shower her with love and affection.  It is my place to shepherd her self confidence.  It is my place, and I am glad to be here to do it.  The chores can wait…the urgency to complete a task can be put on the back burner.  Something as simple as returning my daughter’s gaze or giving my sons some of my undivided attention will go a long way to building a strong relational foundation between us.  That, to me, is worth it’s weight in gold and is far more valuable to me than a clean bathroom or kitchen, especially in the long run!


Here’s to noticing the little things today, may you slow down to appreciate and be present for your life.  The good things are there amidst the chaos all waiting to be seen!


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