The Introduction 

Hello. Welcome to my new series called 31 Days of Noticing the Little Things. This is my first response to the annual writing challenge, Write31Days. Bloggers from all over have accepted this challenge to choose a topic and write about it for 31 days in the month of October. In recent years this challenge has gained in popularity and is a true representation of the creative process organized by disciplined practice, in this case writing. If you are interested in exploring the Write31Days challenge or looking at what other bloggers are writing about, head over and check it out.  

Noticing the little things requires time…time to slow down and look deeply at things that would go unnoticed at the typical hurried pace that directs so many of our lives. But, not as much time as you might think because you don’t have to look very hard to find little things…they are everywhere. A droplet of rain on a leaf. The way a baby holds your gaze as if trying to drink in your whole life’s collection of knowledge and wisdom and use it for their good. The warm and cozy aroma that sautéed onions give that invite you to sit down and be nourished from a hard day…take a rest, recharge, be welcomed home.

My goal with this series is to encourage a more positive way of thinking, to combat the tendency to get lost and muddled in challenging life situations, but mostly to gain perspective. It is through perspective that we truly can understand if something is a legitimate source of concern. Are we better off not wasting our valuable stress response on something that isn’t as big a deal as we might initially think? I think we are absolutely better off keeping our stress response slated for circumstances that truly warrant it. Perspective gives us this opportunity to make judgments with a clear head. Noticing the little things; things that spark curiosity, inspire beauty, that cause you to stop and wonder, taking notice of those things provide the mental down-shift needed to access clarity and, I would go on to say, enjoyment in living.  

What I love about noticing the little things is that anyone can do it, and you don’t need special equipment, although certain equipment can help make things visible, i.e. microscopes, magnifying glasses, etc. The little things are in everything physical, emotional, spiritual. This is my 31 day journey to do just that, take out the proverbial microscope and appreciate the underdogs: things that seldom get noticed yet have a huge bearing on living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Won’t you consider taking this journey along with me? Company is always welcome!

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