A list

A pile of crumbs that disappear into the vacuum cleaner and I am left with a pristine carpet surface.  
How a freshly mopped and dried floor feels on my feet.   
~Motivation to clean the floors!
Sunny Autumn days

Beautiful changing leaves

When the boys ask to play in their sandbox…and you find that the neighborhood cats have not pooped in it overnight.

A dry chair to sit on in the backyard 

A waxing crescent moon seen during the day…which means there is still blue sky to be seen in Seattle, that I live in a place that I can actually see the sky (not encumbered by buildings or too many trees), and that I can tell the stages of the moon by just looking at it.  (Moon not pictured)

A sleeping baby!
~Gratitude for the pleasant outdoors (and based upon the pictures can you tell where I’d rather be?)

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