Meager Meal

There are many times that I feel perplexed when trying to come up with meals to prepare for my family. It is especially challenging to me when we are at the end of our food budget and I still have days to go before the next grocery run. On nights like the last few when the household is recovering from a cold, energy levels are low in addition to the dwindling food resources, these things make for a difficult time in the kitchen.  
I always struggle with feeling bad when I put a meager meal on the table…I feel like it is “phoning it in” a little bit. This meal pictured is just plain basmati rice with feta cheese and celery greens, roasted green beans, and Costco potstickers from the freezer. It was not an award winning meal by my usual standards to be sure. I enjoy treating my family to delicious food…food that excites, and that I feel proud to have made by myself. But, I am learning that a basic meager meal maybe has more to offer to me and my family than one with all of the flash and pizazz (who certainly have an important place in the menu as well…but that is for another time).
A meager meal is a humble meal but not at all something to be ashamed of preparing. A meager meal, one that is made using a few simple ingredients, sometimes only one or two (like rice and beans) serves the need to fill bellies when other resources are scarce.
Eating a meager meal may not be a sensory delight for nose and palate and if you are used to such decadence it may take some effort to appreciate this type of meal. Though, once you transcend that threshold of tolerance to appreciation you can truly know the benefits and truths that a mere meager meal affords. It says “You are hungry, I’m here to feed you.” “You may not have a lot right now, but you have me and I’m enough.” “I’m a bare canvas, and you are creative…use your imagination.” “You made me with your own two hands…that’s a lot better than going through the drive thru…good job!”  
While I don’t intend to abandon my general meal standards I know that basic meals have an honorable place in my menu. There are many things to be grateful for when eating a meager meal, your food has a lot to say to you…sit down and listen.

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