Five Minute Friday: Safe

This week’s Five Minute Friday word is Safe.  The premise of Five Minute Fridays is to write for five minutes on the weekly word prompt.  It is an opportunity to shake the dust off of your creative mind to stretch your writing skills in different way.  Here is my five minute writing piece based on the prompt: Safe.


Baseball, banks, warm and cuddly feelings, those all pop into my mind as I think of the word safe.  The wind whips through the gigantic Douglas Fir trees in front of my house and the old giants creak a little bit as anything with age tends to do.  It is hard not to consider what might happen to my house should one of these beasts come crashing down on my roof…hit the deck.  We would naturally be safer in our basement, sheltered under the ground…but our basement has been having trouble with flooding due to the rains that have been inundating our area lately.  Safe above or safe below?  Safe in your mind or safe in your soul?  All are relevant questions, and perhaps given different circumstances each would rise to the top of a priority list.  During times of stress I find that to be safe sometimes involves preparation and at other times the safest place I can find happens to be very very close to the thing that wants to do me harm.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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