Five Minute Friday: Slow

This week’s Five Minute Friday word is Slow.  The premise of Five Minute Fridays is to write for five minutes on the weekly word prompt.  It is an opportunity to shake the dust off of your creative mind to stretch your writing skills in different way.  Here is my five minute writing piece based on the prompt: Slow.

A saber-toothed tiger is closing in and my feet are sunk down deep in a soupy muddy clay.  I wrestle through the glop to save my neck but no matter how hard I try my feet just won’t go any faster and I freak out knowing that glop is arresting my life from me.  I never know if the tiger gets me, I wake up thankful for reality, thankful that I can move normally.  However, there are moments in reality that cause me to move at this ever-loving speed.  Most of the time I feel guilty for moving slowly other times I am relieved that the pace has afforded me the opportunity to smell the roses.  The practice of writing these hectic five minutes are a huge pressure to crank out something awesome at breakneck speed, and I censor myself before I start.  How necessary it is to slow down in order to create….creating something worthwhile takes time.

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