Five Minute Friday: Enough

I have taken a break from the Five Minute Friday writing prompts but feel the need to get back to it, if for no other reason than to have one faithful day each week to actually get my writing done.  I am trying to start and maintain a regular writing practice and one of the hardest things is to actually gets some words down everyday without worrying about if it is good or not.  That comes later, the worry.  Right now I am just trying to prime the pump so that words and ideas start to trickle out.  An easy 5 minute writing prompt seems like an easy way to help meet my daily writing goal.

The premise of Five Minute Fridays is to write for five minutes on the weekly word prompt. It is an opportunity to shake the dust off of your creative mind to stretch your writing skills in different way. The prompt for this week is Enough.

So I am sitting here trying to write but using my phone to do it.  It is really challenging because the “keyboard” is not made for a human that likes to actually touch something.  The convenience of it being right by my side whenever, wherever is tempting…but it is poorly suited for writing anything longer than a text message.  I fight with Autocorrect and even though it is on silent, alert after alert washes over the top of my screen pulling my focus away from the task at hand.  I know full well that I am no good at multitasking, yet here I am writing and quickly reading that someone is needing my attention.  I’m also nursing my baby which has become second nature and I don’t have to think about it nearly as much as I did, but she has started this new thing.  She likes to stick her hand in my mouth while she nurses or, like right now, pinch my nose shut.  I love you, baby…but I can’t even breathe.  Enough.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Enough

    1. Char, thank you for the encouragement to keep writing. You must know how much I treasure this kind of feedback because writing is hard vulnerable work, it helps to know that it is meaningful to others besides me.


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