5 Quick Things–A Riff

I subscribe to The Art of Simple by Tsh Oxenreider, and today I received an email containing her 5 Quick Things. She lists five things she either recently created, is applauding, or is currently consuming. I decided I would riff off of her idea.  Here are my 5 Quick Things but I decided I would create categories instead of just listing five things because I am a little bit particular about organization and framework.


What I’m Thinking About:

My friend and writing partner, Emily Allen will often refer to Jeff Goins’ three-step process for being a productive writer. He calls it The Three-Bucket System. It is simple in theory, and I am excited to put it into practice as I strive to improve my writing practice.

What I’m Learning:

Until very recently, I thought standard word processing protocol called for two spaces after ending punctuation. Current practice calls for single space after punctuation. The subject of spaces after punctuation came up casually when Emily Allen mentioned that she always removes the double space in any of my essays written for Kindred Mom before she publishes them. I was dumbfounded. I did not realize that this is an old practice used with typewriters. A typewriter. Any serious piece of writing I have ever composed has been on a computer. I learned the double space in my high school word processing class…for computers. It is a challenging practice to break!

What I’m Reading:

I am currently reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, a book widely recommended about fueling a passion for writing. This book is so well written and approachable, lighting a fire to jump in and write.

What I’m Eating:

My husband and I recently had a delicious steak dinner at Bateau in Seattle. They are doing amazing things with a farm to table concept except with beef. All of the beef they feature is grass fed coming from a couple of local farms. They dry age the beef for a minimum 21 days and, of course, prepare it expertly. The sides we chose were delicious as well. Turnips were rockstars in my mouth. Enough said.

What I’m Listening To:

Podcasts are a new highlight to my day. I love being able to stream them to my house speakers or plug in my headphones and listen on 1.5-2 times the speed. Some that I have been enjoying are:

Radiolab—storytelling, and science

Invisibilia—storytelling, and science

Planet Money—the economy in easy terms

Kindred Mom—encouragement for Mamas

Wow in the World—science concepts for kids

Brains On—science concepts for kids

Okay, so technically there are more than five things listed here but, who cares?  What are five things that have caught your attention this week?

2 thoughts on “5 Quick Things–A Riff

  1. Jennifer, of course I’m old enough to be one of those folks who learned how to type on a typewriter–manual, with a physical ‘thwap’ of the return on the carriage. I miss that tactile experience…. and yes, it was always double space after a period.
    I learned a few years ago in the online blogging world it’s single space now. Argh. So hard to learn all these tricks.
    I like your wrap up–Tsh is an inspiration, isn’t she?

    No five things–I’m wrapped up in writing a book right now and my brain is currently consumed with all things Christmas.
    But thanks for asking.


    1. I find that as I am trying to learn a different way (1 space instead of 2), I get hyper focused on it as I am trying to write and it clouds my focus. I already struggle with focus, so I usually just draft and then fix the spaces later. I enjoy reading things by Tsh. I think she has an adventurous spirit and I like that. How exciting to be in the midst of writing a book? Is it all about Christmas?


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