Is There Anything Good About Being a Perfectionist?

This is a hard question for me to answer because I tend to view life as black and white. I have spent this entire series, so far, painting the picture that perfectionism is a lie and therefore something I need to weed out of my life. When I make contrary arguments about something, my primal brain attaches big red flags to that thing, and I end up wanting to avoid it like the plague. But in the interest of using my rational brain more, it is fitting to examine the argument in favor or perfectionism and compare…you know as a scientist.


Perfectionism produces:

        Very high-quality work

        Exceptional work ethic

        A perception that I am well put together and organized

        Motivation, persistence, determination, and drive

I am having trouble channeling the scientist part of my brain. If I were sincerely trying to write a scientific paper about the pros and cons of perfectionism, this would not be a blog post. I would be writing an academic article with citations and references. It might be interesting, but more than likely it would be boring. There is a place for science to be sure, and there is also a place for personal reflection.

The bottom line for me is that while, yes it is true that perfectionism can produce some very admirable qualities, for me it has been more harmful than helpful. In the same breath though, I am not willing to become a vastly different person. I want to be balanced and to view life a little less by the extremes. I still want to be a person who has a strong work ethic, to be motivated and driven but from a healthy place. I want to be valued as I stand alone; without attached labels or personal endorsements from others. I seek freedom from everything that threatens to clip my wings, from rigid mindsets, and from fear. I want to be me without apologizing, making excuses, or cramming myself into spaces I don’t fit in. To answer the question I opened with: No, I don’t think there is anything good about being a perfectionist. I believe good comes from being authentic, and that is what I aim to be.

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