Time to Act. Time to Love

I attended a memorial service today to celebrate the life of my 1st cousin once removed who passed away last month. Throughout the service songs, scriptures, and personal stories were shared by many honoring my cousin. From my seat, I listened to how my cousin had impacted people around him by showing genuine unconditional love. I felt a little sheepish.

I didn’t know the guy. We are part of the same family yet; I didn’t know him.

How I wish I would have known him because he seemed like a wonderful person. He was a friend to all, generous, kind. He found great enjoyment bringing a smile to peoples’ faces. I feel so sorry that I did not have one story to share in my cousin’s memory. Instead, I let the fond memories treasured by others wash over me. I felt how great a loss his passing was to those closest to him. There is always room in my life to know wonderful people and knowing I missed an opportunity to know my own cousin upsets me.

How many people in my life are truly wonderful but go unnoticed? Am I really so busy that I can’t put forth a more significant effort to my extended family more intimately?


Today I am reminded that time waits for no one.

There is no time like the present:

to chase the things that are important,

to express love to those who need it because showing it is something I need,

to be the one to make connections rather than cowering in fear waiting for someone else to reach their hand out to me.

Time slips by too fast, and if I don’t seize opportunities to show as much love as possible, then I’ll miss my chance.

I am reminded to demonstrate love while I can. I am encouraged to know that a life surrendered to showing love will leave a lasting legacy. Here’s to you JJP, thank you for what you’ve taught me.

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