2017: A Brief Review

Notebook with pen on wooden table, Vintage picture tone

2017 was a hard year to pin down for me. I had some successes with my writing goals, which were undefined in the first place. I was a regular contributor at Kindred Mom, and I tried to keep making appearances here on my blog. I am still trying to refine my writing focus for Pepper Sprout Home and larger more ambitious projects. When I am in my head trying to be strategic with my actions I freeze. I tend not to write much because I feel like I can’t until I have more clarity and purpose for my writing. I have operated on the notion my whole life that I should just be good at something out of the gate. I am learning that is not how the world works for me, and fumbling around is just fine right now. Eventually, I find a light-switch, or I’ll memorize the contours of the box I am in until I discover a way out.


This year I have learned.

–that to find clarity, I must continue to put my words out there to see what resonates. The only way to become a master at something is to put in the hours, doing the work time after time.
–that even though a project may be unfinished, it is not a failure. There is still a bunch to glean from the success of getting off the ground, which is farther up than I have ever been in the past.
–that perfectionism is not real, and that if I can let go of the notion that I need to be perfect my life will blossom like I never thought possible.


I am excited about 2018. I have no idea what is in store partly because I haven’t fully decided what to focus on. Be that as it may, there are a few things I plan to go forward into the new year with that will serve me well whatever I choose to focus on:
I am not going to give up.
I will keep trying to do things I have never done before.
I will make mistakes and learn from them and not break myself down in the process.
I will grow up a little.

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