Letting Go of Perfectionism

2017 Dismantling the Angry Perfectionist (A 31 Day Series)

Angry Perfectionist-Horizontal

Day 1 An Introduction and Invitation

Day 2 I’m A Perfectionist

Day 3 Control is Safe and Predictable

Day 4 Control is Fake

Day 5 The Approval of Others Equals My Value

Day 6 My Value Comes From Me

Day 7 The Silence of Fear and Shame

Day 8 Somewhere to Hang Your Hat–Part 1

Day 9 A Fork in the Road

Day 10 So…Who Do I Want to Be?

Day 11 Let’s Talk About Anger

Day 12 Mad as Hell…And I’m Going to do Something About It

Day 13 Anger Management

Day 14 Smelling Like a Rose, Guilty

Day 15 Waiting to Climb a Mountain

Day 16 Somewhere to Hang Your Hat–Part 2

Day 17 The Stuff of Movies and Nightmares

Day 18 Remembering Rational

Day 19 I Need a Break

Day 20 Is There Anything Good About Being a Perfectionist?

Day 21 Time to Act. Time to Love

Day 22 Sunday

Day 23

Day 24 Dismantling the Mindset

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

Day 31


2016 Noticing the Little Things (A Write 31 Days Series)Copy of 31 Days

The Introduction



Meager Meal

A List

Finding the Groove