Popcorn & Movies

When we had two toddlers and a newborn, we were desperate for something entertaining to break up the monotony of those early days. We decided to begin a new family tradition of huddling up on the couch together for one special night each week to watch a movie. What started as a simple thing we … More Popcorn & Movies

Five Cookies

Today my first guest post went up on HerStory, a blog empowering women through storytelling. The theme at their site this week is about beauty standards, so I decided to write about the time I ate five cookies in one sitting and the range of emotions I felt with each one. Below is an excerpt. … More Five Cookies

Poop Mountain

This past December, I took my three kids on a hiking adventure at the nature trails in our neighborhood. Everyone was in a great mood to start, but the hike ended in hysterical crying. The whole essay, Poop Mountain, is published at Kindred Mom. In hindsight, the humor of that situation is easy to find, … More Poop Mountain

Rock in the River

As I think of January, the word “hustle” pops into my mind the fastest. A new year and new momentum to make new or better choices. It is a wonderful opportunity, but there is something about the hustle of this month that makes me pause and listen to a faint sound that I haven’t heard … More Rock in the River


Today is Sunday, and I am going to make this short and sweet. Here are two quotes from Brene Brown, a research┬áprofessor at the University of Houston and author, whom I have tremendous respect for. She has written books about embracing vulnerability and cutting the grip of shame. I have read her book Daring Greatly, … More Sunday