Five Cookies

Today my first guest post went up on HerStory, a blog empowering women through storytelling. The theme at their site this week is about beauty standards, so I decided to write about the time I ate five cookies in one sitting and the range of emotions I felt with each one. Below is an excerpt. … More Five Cookies

Rock in the River

As I think of January, the word “hustle” pops into my mind the fastest. A new year and new momentum to make new or better choices. It is a wonderful opportunity, but there is something about the hustle of this month that makes me pause and listen to a faint sound that I haven’t heard … More Rock in the River


My life is a submarine, constantly diving and resurfacing.  Sometimes I spend a great deal of time submerged, off the radar. My first instinct is to apologize for my absence because I have a hard time with feelings of failure when I am not doing things the “right way.” I am learning, though, that there … More Submarine