Poop Mountain

This past December, I took my three kids on a hiking adventure at the nature trails in our neighborhood. Everyone was in a great mood to start, but the hike ended in hysterical crying. The whole essay, Poop Mountain, is published at Kindred Mom. In hindsight, the humor of that situation is easy to find, … More Poop Mountain

Rock in the River

As I think of January, the word “hustle” pops into my mind the fastest. A new year and new momentum to make new or better choices. It is a wonderful opportunity, but there is something about the hustle of this month that makes me pause and listen to a faint sound that I haven’t heard … More Rock in the River

Control is Fake

Yesterday, I presented the idea that the need for control is one of the reasons I seek perfection. I hide behind control out of self-preservation, safety, predictability, and success. This kind of security comes at a cost though. I may be immune to risk, but life is bland, lacking dynamics and adventure. My mother called … More Control is Fake

I’m a Perfectionist

I had heard about Enneagram for a while. Another way of understanding personality like Myers-Briggs, I reasoned. Always on a quest to understand myself better, personality questionnaires intrigued me. I often don’t trust my estimation of myself; I think I am too close to see myself for who I really am. I am more comfortable … More I’m a Perfectionist


My life is a submarine, constantly diving and resurfacing.  Sometimes I spend a great deal of time submerged, off the radar. My first instinct is to apologize for my absence because I have a hard time with feelings of failure when I am not doing things the “right way.” I am learning, though, that there … More Submarine

Waking Mama Bear

Here it is, the longest day of the year.  Her blue eyes match the sky.  Her chubby cheeks, full of grass, leaves and curiosity as we sit together on the lawn admiring a beautiful beginning to summer.  Her delightful baby voice chattering out her favorite phrase, “Happy, Happy, Happy.”  I am overcome with love for … More Waking Mama Bear