Wild Catch

I catch it. I lure it in and catch it. From thin air I make magic. I feed it, I tend it, I press into it till my muscles are tired and weary from the effort to mold and shape it. Then I wait. Rest Step back and wait for it To rise up and … More Wild Catch

Finding the Groove

“It is all about the space in between the notes, that’s the groove” Shauna Niequist Present Over Perfect. I have not posted for the last few days because sometimes life gets in the way of writing. I have been reading this book and hearing this phrase “it is the space between the notes” that the … More Finding the Groove

A list

A pile of crumbs that disappear into the vacuum cleaner and I am left with a pristine carpet surface.   How a freshly mopped and dried floor feels on my feet.    ~Motivation to clean the floors! Sunny Autumn days Beautiful changing leaves When the boys ask to play in their sandbox…and you find that … More A list

Meager Meal

There are many times that I feel perplexed when trying to come up with meals to prepare for my family. It is especially challenging to me when we are at the end of our food budget and I still have days to go before the next grocery run. On nights like the last few when … More Meager Meal