“She’s got legs and she knows how to use them…”   I love ZZ Top and today I hear this song in a different context. My legs carry me everywhere…any place I want to go. They help me fly to the aid of a hurt child, they are jungle gyms and galloping horses. They allow me … More Legs


As I sit here this morning, I try and set my focus on the little things, things that I don’t usually take time to notice, I have to slow down, quiet the distractions and tune in.  Lately, my most reflective times are when I am feeding the baby.  These sessions are not always peaceful with … More Slow-Down

The Introduction 

Hello. Welcome to my new series called 31 Days of Noticing the Little Things. This is my first response to the annual writing challenge, Write31Days. Bloggers from all over have accepted this challenge to choose a topic and write about it for 31 days in the month of October. In recent years this challenge has … More The Introduction