I Need a Break

I have learned that one of the side effects of perfectionism, at least for me, is stifling my real interests. I have done this in some manner since sometime in elementary school. Perhaps I was trying to fashion a type of bully-insulation because it is safer to blend in than to stand out. While I … More I Need a Break

Remembering Rational

As an adult, my irrational fears are not nightmares involving a boogyman but now center mainly around failure. It would take a long time to unpack just how the concept of failure has elevated in my mind to the same level as self-preservation. I know it is entirely irrational to consider failure a life or … More Remembering Rational

Anger Management

Anger management. It is hard for me to read these words and not see the grimacing faces of Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler butting heads. I never actually saw the movie, but the poster and trailers left an impression on me that society frowns on all forms of anger, even methods aimed at helping. Anger … More Anger Management

Mad As Hell…And I’m Going to Do Something About It

Often, I think of anger as a negative emotion, something to never express because it is taboo. And, yes, it is true a person can do horribly destructive things out of anger. When I suppress and internalize my anger, that is when it turns into hostility and destructive behavior. I know that if I act … More Mad As Hell…And I’m Going to Do Something About It